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Dental Plans and Best Sellers in the Golden State

As the most populous state in the USA, California has a strong market for dental insurance. The advantage of this location lies in the great variety of service concepts, dentist networks and price ranges. The downside of having so many plans to choose from is the complexity of finding the right plan for your circumstances. Hopefully this article will help you improve your insurance purchasing by:

  • Sharing the results ofa recent study on dental premiums and deductibles in California
  • Highlight dental plansthat stood out from the others
  • Alerts you to plan features that put you at greatest riskout of pocket
  • Reveal what those options arethe best selling dental plans in Californiaa a 2023

Dental insurance starts at $6.95 per month

Dental insurance quotes are influenced by several factors. First, how many people will be covered by the plan. It is the policy for an individual, a married couple or a family with several children or dependents. Second, the same plan may have different prices in different areas due to regional differences in the cost of care.

This year's study of the California dental market examined 43 dental insurance plans sold in the state. Helowest available premium(Note: Prices vary by region of the state)among the 43 options it was $6.95 per month(SmartSmile DHMO for dental health services) for a single member. A close second in price was theMetLife TakeAlong Dental HMO Managed Care 350 (Niedrig)at $7.50. The most expensive monthly premium was $98.38 per monthMax Choice Plus von Renaissance.National Classic 2000 + VSP Premium, a plan that combined dental services with privacy protection, was in the same price range at $93.65. For $85.44 per month,Delta Dental PPO Instant Insurance Planoffers comprehensive insurance protection without waiting times. This plan also included orthodontics, which is rare among dental plans.

For the 43 dental plans studied, the average monthly premium was $47.61.The California average for 2021 was $39.30; However, the 2021 studio had fewer studio plans. The 12 insurers offering the 43 plans examined were:

  • Earnings
  • Himno BlueCross
  • Red Tooth from California
  • Careington
  • delta tooth
  • dental services
  • dental nurse
  • human tooth
  • MetLife Dentistry
  • nationwide
  • ENT at the national level
  • Renaissance

This group represents a subset of all insurers within the state. InCalifornia Department of InsuranceOn the site, we found 55 companies that submitted medical loss rate information for California dental insurance.

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While we always recommend shopping with a mix of benefits, dentists, and bonuses, some consumers just want to know what that ischeapest dental plansAre. In our California study, we found seven plans offered in different parts of the state that had less than $20 in premiums per month (although premiums may vary by region):

  • SmartSmile Dental Health Services (DHMO) $6,95
  • MetLife TakeAlong Dental HMO Managed Care 350 (Niedrig) 7,50 $
  • Careington 500 Series Dental Savings (Rabattkarte) 8,95 $
  • MetLife TakeAlong Dental HMO-Managed Care 245 (Alto) 11,02 $
  • Super SmartSmile Dental Health Services (DHMO) 14,30 $
  • MetLife TakeAlong Dental Bajo (PPO) 15,26 $
  • California Dental Network 595-Plan (DHMO) 18,95 $

Pros: Find the best dental insurance

Depending on the insurer, premiums may vary based on region, number of insured, and other factors.A higher premium does not necessarily mean better insurance coverage. Benefits vary significantly from plan to plan, and this variation doesn't clearly align with each plan's pricing. For example,Eighty-eight percent of the plans surveyed had a cap on how much the plan would pay annually for a member's dental expenses.(This limit is called “maximum utility”). The lowest maximum benefit was $500 and the highest was $5,000 (National NCD 5000 plan). It's important to note that three different plans were more expensive than the NCD Nationwide 5000 plan, but had thousands of dollars less maximum benefit caps.The average maximum benefit in the study was $1,597. Some plans had benefit caps that increased in the second and third years of continuous enrollment. The average only accounted for a consumer's first year of membership.12 plans in the study had a maximum benefit that was greater than the national average, and an additional 5 plans had no maximum benefit limits. Plans with no maximum benefit limits were HMO dental plans and a dental discount program (Careington 500 Series Dental Savingsthat cost less than $10 a month).

16 of the plans(37 percent) hadNOwaiting times in any of the Covered Services. A waiting time is adelaybetween the time an insurance plan is activated and the date the plan pays for a particular benefit. Waiting times are often assigned to expensive services such as crowns and root canals. Waiting times are often as little as 90 days or up to a year.

out of pocket expensesvary greatly for the same service. whileThe average portion of a cavity filling fee covered by a California dental insurance plan was 61 percent, there were plans with coverage as low as 20 percent and others with coverage as high as 80 percent.More than half of the plans (63 percent) covered annual teeth cleanings at no out-of-pocketfor the enrolled. for a simpleTooth extraction, the insurers took over 46 percentthe cost on average.

Regarding the plans that included coverage for essential dental services, thethe average insurance premium for a crown was 33 percentduring the first year of coverage (for some plans with increasing premiums in subsequent years of continued membership). This average contribution percentage was the same for a root canal. HMO dental plans generally charge a fixed co-payment for a crown ($383 average among HMOs). Crown coverage is a critical issue for consumers with broken or weakened teeth. Crowns are among the most expensive dental treatments. The average price of a crown ranges from $800 to $1,700, depending on the speciesWebMD.

The deductibles were modest. On average, a single partner faced a$49 annual deductible. Plan one out of five(21 percent) had no deductiblefor the enrolled. The highest deductible for an individual was $150 per year, but this deductible was only paid once for the entire time you were a member of the plan. Some plans with orthodontic coverage had a separate deductible for those benefits. Families with multiple insureds on the same dental plan may have a per insured deductible (e.g., $50 per year) or a family deductible maximum (e.g., $300 per year), regardless of the number of family members on the plan. one in three plans(37 percent) had a maximum family deductible of $150Per year.

Differences in benefits between dental plans make shopping for items extremely important. California passed legislation in 2018 (Dental Plan Transparency Act) that requires dental insurance plans for 2021 to provide a standardized benefit form for their plans that allows consumers to review the plan:

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  • Dental plan reimbursement rates and estimated expenses for covered services
  • Annual plan deductible
  • annual power limit
  • Coverage conditions for preventive, basic and major dental services
  • Any waiting period delaying coverage

California Dental Insurance: Networks

According to data released by Statista, California has more active dentists than any other state. More than 30,000 dentists practice in California. Dental insurance coverage is a critical aspect of dental insurance value. You should always check if your dentist is a member of the network before applying for supplemental dental insurance so you can reduce the risk of higher expenses. Services obtained from a dentist outside of the network may result in higher bills for dental treatment and no payment support from your dental plan.

Plans can be health preservation organizations (known as HMOs or DHMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs or DPPOs), compensation plans, or dental rebate programs.PPO dental planstend to have larger networks of dentists thanHMO-Zahnplänebut may have higher out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, an HMO may not have a cap on annual benefits, but along with restrictive networks also require that your dentist issue a referral to a provider on the network if specialty treatment is required. 72 percent of the California plans surveyed were preferred provider organizations. Only one was a rebate program and 13 percent were severance plans. The rest were HMOs.

Compensation dental plansThey deserve a mention, as do the discount programs. A dental insurance plan allows a person to use any dentist of their choice. However, the member pays for the dental service upfront, and then the compensation plan sends the member a fixed reimbursement for the treatment. The difference between the cost of care and reimbursement from a compensation plan can be significant. In addition, not all dental services may be covered by a compensation plan.

Adental discount programInstead, members are charged a monthly fee, and members then receive a discount off the standard price of dental treatment from participating dentists. These programs typically have no cap on annual benefits, but the discount tier can still incur a significant cost to the member.
COVID requirements

How can you register? When can you register?

The private supplementary dental insurance does not have an annual closing date. You can sign up for insurance coverage at any time of the year. You can also change the tariff during the year or end the insurance cover. Group dental plans offered by employers typically have an annual enrollment period and do not allow you to apply for coverage outside of this period unless you qualify for a special enrollment period (e.g. child, you have recently married, etc. ).

Signing up for a dental plan is easy. Go to the top of the page and click on the Get Quotes button. The button takes you to a page where you can indicate how many people the rate should apply to (e.g. you alone, you and your family members). The site also asks for your zip code so it can filter out plans that aren't available for your area.

When the plans appear, click the Apply Now button for the plan that best suits your needs. This is where the application form begins, which you can fill out in a minute or two. After submitting your plan, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration.

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Oral health trends in California

A study ofLos Angeles County Department of Health and Human Servicesfound that 59 percent of Los Angeles residents saw a dentist in 2015. Given the city's population, this means that around three million residents did not visit a dentist. Another unfortunate urban trend identified by the study was that less than half of people earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty line had seen a dentist in the past year (45 percent).

State averages compared to your region

With the information provided in this study, you can compare your local rates to the larger state trends. The following link will be obtainedDental insurance quotesfor plans available in your zip code. You can also check out the plans belowTop Selling Plans in the State of California.

More dental health resources for Californians

California Dental Association (CDA)

Over the past 150 years, CDA has grown to be the largest federation of the American Dental Association and a trusted resource for California dentists and their patients.

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Oral Health Resources for Californians

This page on the CDA website provides answers to questions about dental benefit plans, issues affecting seniors or people with special needs, and information about free or low-cost dental services.

Free or low cost dental clinics in California

This online resource lists a variety of free and low cost dentists grouped by county.

Medi-Cal Dental Services

Medi-Cal, the state of California's Medicaid program, includes dental benefits as part of its medical benefits. Medi-Cal Dental is also known as Denti-Cal in California.

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  • Capital: Sacramento
  • Nickname: The Golden State
  • State bird: California quail
  • State flower: California poppy


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