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Issues reported: 29 comments

VonI only do this to get free tips

So I'm not impressed

I already have the Molina Health app where I should be doing all this already, but now I need to take up more space on my phone to download another app. It's not easy to use at all and it kept asking me the same questions. I was told urgently that I had to set this up and answer a questionnaire. When trying to set it up, I asked who my medical supervisor is, but he's not in your occupation list. I asked you guys for help and was told to take care of it later. So what is it? Also, I'm not sure when my actual appointment is because I made an appointment and the lady who called gave me two different times than this. Be honest with us! (That doesn't bode well for trusting a system I no longer trust.) Honestly, I don't trust telemedicine appointments because 1) I'm not seeing a real doctor, only a nurse, and 2) I don't understand everything like you accurately diagnose without examining myself. That just doesn't seem like good health care to me, but a shortcut to save money. For example, for the last month and a half I have had pain in my lower left abdomen. So how do you plan to make a diagnosis without diagnostic tests? I really don't feel like doing this, but I've been told it's a requirement of my health plan, so we'll see. I'll try it and get back to you, but so far I'm not impressed at all.

Vondon't give my name

Write a review response

The program is complicated and not intuitive. It is impossible to get a copy of the bills to send to the secondary insurer. Having to turn it on to print before I see it in the program is ridiculous!!! Also, half the time when I call, the person doesn't know what to do and ends up sending the wrong bill even after the due date. It looks like the designers have been assigned to different modules of the program and don't interact well with each other. When you work with programmers, you need someone to monitor how different modules interact or not. The system will run out of control if not monitored for flow. Great idea for the program, but not easy to find and find the necessary information. Also. In a query, the query details disappear until tracking is complete. That's not helpful at all. Requires visible appointment for details and guidance at all times. E-mail is difficult to use, it is not possible to add secondary people. Contacts are limited. Replies go unanswered for days. I've been trying to remove a name from auto billing messages for months. Why can't I do this myself? This information is mine, I should be in control of its dissemination! Overall great concept, terrible implementation - very disjointed from a robust program.



Penicillin has been removed from my allergies. I've been told to stop using my EpiPen if I've been stung by a bee if I'm allergic to bee venom. I took my medication twice to the woman's family health center in Missoula, Montana. They never took my meds correctly, not even when I added or corrected them in the app. "Doctor" I don't know. Claire A Frost was the meanest person I've ever met walking out of my first date with her. I just had my 18th surgery in 8 years. I was looking for a good general practitioner. This is an app where you try to communicate with people who are not healers. This app is biased. This app is racist. It's sad to say that the best thing about a hospital (Saint Patrick's) is the food. I was forbidden to defend myself! The doctor lied on the medical records. Managers wouldn't call me back. I can't have children. I'm so ill. I'm so tired of doing this all alone. This app didn't make it easy for me, I could only read lies! It took me years to be diagnosed! Everyone treated me like I made it up! When I called to get into this app I was put on hold twice for an hour and was not told why I could no longer use the app. This app treats women who can't have children like they aren't worthy of compassion and care!

VonWayne Taber
16 January 2023

For the past four days I've been getting the error "We couldn't send you a code now" when trying to sign in. Please try again later or contact our customer support team for immediate assistance.” I am logging in from my PC as usual, not from an app.
What now?

VonMichael Campell
December 29, 2022

The MyChart app gave me the option to "click here" to retrieve my username. When applying, I had to provide my date of birth AND full social security number. The email with my username was NEVER SENT to me. This means MyChart has my social security number and can now proceed with identity theft. WHY DID YOU ASK FOR MY SOCIAL MEDIA? WHY DID YOU NOT SEND ME MY USERNAME?

VonMargaret Heide
December 22, 2022

(Video) GetUpside App Not Working: How to Fix GetUpside App Not Working

I would like my medical record to be deleted, I will no longer be using the system.

VonBrenda Westbrook
December 05, 2022

I can't message some of my doctors. How do I keep track of the doctors I need to notify? I only saw doctors because my family doctor wasn't there.

1. November 2022

I want someone to tell me about my $157 charges.... and why is there no contact phone number so you can speak to someone???????????????? ?????????

VonPatricia Zimmermann
07. October 2022

Can you tell me if I have a security breach to worry about? Your system has been down for almost a week. who can i talk to

VonRusk dawn

My medical record won't accept my password that I've been using for years, why would someone need to change a password that worked very well before?

VonSandra Hensley
30. August 2022

Yes, I'm using the same username and password as when I last visited my chart, but now it's not working. Tried several times with no result and didn't change the password either - no response to MyChart request. That changed last time too. Pull yourself together! i need dr and complain - again...

VonPaula Schmied
July 22, 2022

I can't access the login page to enter my name and password. I've tried at least 11 times. All that comes up is information about Covid 19. Never had this problem. I need to text my doctor and check my schedule.

VonCarolin Bernhard
July 16, 2022

I was blocked from My Chart.
I've tried everything and nothing works.
Please call me at 775.826.4896 or email me[email protected]
I don't think you need to be a computer pro to access MyChart.
Carolin Bernhard

VonMerna Volenec
July 03, 2022

Problems creating a new password. I don't know what number they want (xxxxx xx xxxxx). How can I get help with this. I have a kidney transplant and need to monitor my lab results. Phone #608-842-0433. Thanks.

VonJanet Weber
22. June 2022

My account was locked because I made too many unsuccessful login attempts. I've waited 24 hours and I can't access my account. Customer service hangs up. I have a virtual visit with my Dr. In a few days. I don't know how to virtually connect with a Dr. Please call me on 4632012875 Janet Weaver's My Chart acct. in Parkview Fort Wayne IN.

VonCharles G. Moore

Please call me and let me know I have test results if I haven't been recently tested. I couldn't log in even though I hadn't changed my username or password.
Call my cell number 775-225-6913 which is better than my landline number 775-852-3226 or text me a number to call you directly. I don't know how or why I should receive notifications from my record because I changed the doctors and hospitals associated with my record. My email is[email protected]

VonSeymour J. Metz
March 17, 2022

I'm having trouble logging in due to the slowness of two-factor authentication. When I get a message that an email has been sent, it's not clear how long I should wait before requesting a resend. It would help if:

1. The website indicated how long to expect a delay: "minutes" is too vague.
2. Your system has detected periods of high utilization and increased the timeout beyond the normal 15 minutes.
3. There was a voice call option with verification code

(Video) ASP.NET CORE 7.0 Courier Management System Real time scratch Project | Day-1

VonBeate Stroz
February 15, 2022

I would like to delete the MyChart account, please.

VonGeorge clock
February 08, 2022

My MyChart has been blocked. Tried restarting multiple times. All for free. How do I contact customer support?

VonJudith K. Diefenthaler
February 08, 2022

we want to exit My Chart. We only had problems with our My Chart accounts. Please do so and let us know it's done.
David and Judith Diefenthaler

VonStephani Whitley
February 07, 2022

I recently visited the ER and the document I received says I already have a MyChart account, but since then I have had multiple email accounts that are not receiving email. So I can't receive the recovery information you sent. How do I get back to MyChart with my existing email address?

28 January 2022

Account has been locked, not responding to userid or password reset, can't find a customer support number

December 24, 2021

My wife is showing signs of Covid 19 and needs to be tested as soon as possible. Call me at 443-693-2526 or Jane Barry's phone number 443-845-6690. She is 71 years old and should be tested by me if possible. I am 73 years old. I forgot my card information and I can't subscribe to mine or my card.

VonJanet Linda Barry
December 24, 2021

I can't log into my account because I forgot my credentials. Please call me to arrange the test for Covid 19. I show signs of infection with the virus. I am 71 years old. Janet Linda Barry. 443-845-6690 or my husband's phone 443-693-2526

December 23, 2021

MR# 00114847 I keep getting notifications on my phone when I log in. I can't find any notifications on the portal. it says i have 12 WARNINGS
Can you tell me how to see it then, thanks

VonLeAnn Emery
December 01, 2021

I cannot register with MyChart. I tried twice. For some reason it doesn't accept my information.

VonLinda C. Hickman
08. November 2021

(Video) How To Cancel UNWANTED iPhone and iPad App Subscriptions. STOP PAYING Every Month.

I've been disabled due to too many login attempts. Contacting you to find out how to get reactivated. Thanks.


VonMonique seller
March 18, 2021

I want to delete my graphics database from my graphics system. I don't want to be in the system so no one can see my profile or health information.

VonNadine Rogers
February 22, 2021

I want to delete the MyChart account. TYVM.

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  1. Pulling out issues faced by users like you is a good way to use crowd power to spread your problem to MyChart. We have over 1,000,000 users and businesses will listen to us.
  2. We have developed a system that attempts to contact a company as soon as an issue is reported, and with many issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers if the problem is a common problem that has been solved in the past.
  4. If you are a MyChart customer and you are facing a problem Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least MyChart allows you to let others know about it.

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1-800 Contacts


What is main line health help desk phone number? ›

Main Line Health MyChart Customer Support

Submitting a support request using the secure form below. Calling our 24/7/365 portal help desk at 484.580. 1080 to speak with a member of our support team.

Is Epic and MyChart the same thing? ›

MyChart is EPIC's patient portal. MyChart is a secure means for patients to access parts of their health records through a web browser and cell-phone apps.

Where is activation code on after visit summary? ›

Your activation code will be printed on your after-visit summary, can be printed for you or sent to the email address we have on file for you, upon your request. You will not need to use this code after you have completed the sign-up process.

How do I get ascension activation code? ›

Patients who wish to participate will be issued a MyChart activation code during their clinic visit. This code will enable you to log in and create your own username and password. If you were not issued an activation code, you may call your primary care clinic to get one or ask to sign up during your next office visit.

Who owns Main Line Health? ›

As a not-for-profit organization, Main Line Health is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees made up of men and women who live and work on the Main Line, including physicians from our medical staff.

What hospitals are part of Main Line Health? ›

The Main Line Health System includes four acute care hospitals—Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital and Riddle Hospital—as well as one of the nation's premier facilities for rehabilitative medicine, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Mirmont Treatment Center, ...

How do I contact my Epic MyChart? ›

  1. Main Office: (858) 534-3300.
  2. Cancel Appt. 24/7: (858) 534-1770.
  3. Urgent Care: (858) 534-3302.
  4. Advice Nurse: (858) 534-6296.
  5. Medical Records: (858) 534-2139.
  6. Med. Records Fax: (858) 534-7545.
  7. Pharmacy: (858) 534-2135.
  8. Optometry: (858) 534-2602.

Can you use the same MyChart account for different providers? ›

No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each person must have their own MyChart account.

Can MyChart accounts be linked? ›

MyChart lets you pull all of your medical records together and view them in one place. We call this Happy Together. When you connect your accounts from participating organizations, information from those organizations appears right in your MyChart, including: Allergies.

Why is my MyChart activation code not working? ›

My activation code does not work. What should I do? For your security, your activation code expires after 30 days and is no longer valid after the first time you use it. If you still have problems, contact your provider's office and ask for MyChart assistance.

What is your activation code? ›

An activation key is a code that is used to register or activate a software application. It is typically composed of letters and numbers, often with hyphens in between activation key segments.

Why am I not receiving an activation code? ›

5 Reasons For Phone Not Getting Verification Code Texts

Your phone number or email address provided may be incorrect. Carrier or email service provided may have blocked such messages. The verification messages are blocked by your phone. The poor network connection can also be a reason.

Why am I logged out of my chart? ›

What happened? We aim to protect your privacy and information. If you remain idle for 10 minutes or more after you log in to MyChart, you will be automatically logged out. We recommend that you log out of MyChart if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

How do I install MyChart app? ›

Access the App Store or Android Market on your mobile device. Search for 'MyChart' to locate the application. Download the free MyChart application.

How do I change my MyChart username? ›

Once selected, your username cannot be changed. Your password must: be at least 10 characters. contain one uppercase letter.

Can health line be trusted? ›

Healthline Media's sites provide evidence-based articles with the highest standards of medical integrity that support the modern health consumer with a whole-person approach to health and wellness.

Is Main Line Health a good hospital? ›

Main Line Health is the recipient of numerous awards for quality care, and service, including U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals, System Magnet® designation; the nation's highest distinction for nursing excellence and the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE) Excellence Award.

Who is the risk manager for Main Line Health? ›

Beth Herbst - Patient Safety / Risk Manager - Main Line Health | LinkedIn.

What are the 4 types of hospitals? ›

Functionality refers to whether the hospitals are general-purpose, teaching hospitals, acute care facilities, long-term hospitals, community hospitals, research hospitals or if they provide trauma care for patients.

What level of hospital is the best? ›

A level I trauma center provides the most comprehensive trauma care.

What are the three types of hospitals? ›

There are three primary options—For-profit, not-for-profit and publicly owned hospitals.

Can I send a message in MyChart? ›

Log in to MyChart in a web browser or open the MyChart app and select "Messages." From there, follow the prompts. When selecting a recipient, you'll see a list of providers available for you to message (the providers for whom you're currently a patient).

Can I link 2 MyChart accounts? ›

You can link your MyChart accounts so logging into one gives you access to all accounts. In order to link accounts, you must already have a MyChart account at HHS, and at the other institution you want to link to.

Can patients access their own charts? ›

Traditionally, patients have not had the legal right, but this has changed in recent decades, and federal law now strongly supports a patient's right to view the chart on request.

Can you delete MyChart account? ›

How do I un-enroll or deactivate my MyChart Account? > Contact the MyChart Support Line at 855-984-3742 or send an Ask Customer Service message to MyChart support to deactivate your account.

How do I connect my MyChart? ›

Tap Add a document or Image to upload an image or document for your upcoming appointment. You will need to have image or document files on your mobile device. If you do not have images available, you will have the option of capturing images or documents using your mobile device during the upload process.

Can you change your email on MyChart? ›

Click on the "Preferences" menu and select the "Change E-mail Address" link. You must enter your new email address twice and then click the "Submit Changes" button. This will instantly update your info in MyChart and your electronic medical record.

Is the MyChart app safe? ›

Yes. myChart is secure, which means your information is safe and protected. We follow strict federal and state confidentiality laws and have the highest security measures in place to protect the privacy of your information. Access to information is controlled with usernames and passwords.

How do I find MyChart verification code? ›

Once you log in to MyChart, Go to Profile > Security Settings and click Turn Off Two-Step Verification.
  1. Enter your MyChart password, and then click Continue.
  2. To finish updating the settings, a code will be sent to you. Select Send to My Email.
  3. Enter the code that you received by email and click Next then OKAY.

How do I activate my inactive MyChart account? ›

Reminder: If you receive an email that your account has been deactivated, please contact the MyChart Customer Service Center 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays: submit an online form to reactivate your account.

Why does MyChart say invalid personal information? ›

What do I need to do if I receive an Invalid Personal Information error? This error can occur when your personal information does not match what is currently listed in your medical record. If you receive this error, use the Contact Us link located in the error message to notify MyChart support.

How do I activate this phone? ›

To activate a device:
  1. Turn on the device.
  2. When prompted, connect the device to a network. The device is now activated and Essentials security requirements are automatically enforced.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

How do I activate an app code? ›

You can do this by pressing on start.
  1. You will be asked to log in with your NemID code card. ...
  2. Enter the requested key from your code card and press activate code app.
  3. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions for using the NemID code-app. ...
  4. For security reasons you will be asked to wait an hour.

How do I activate activation on my iPhone? ›

How to activate your iPhone
  1. Insert the SIM card you want to use into the tray and push it back into the phone. ...
  2. Turn on your iPhone by holding down the Power button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.
  3. Begin the setup process by following the on-screen instructions.
Nov 23, 2021

How do I unblock my verification code? ›

On the Home Screen, select Settings. Within settings select Messages. Select the (-) sign beside the 5 Digit verification number on the blocked list and choose unblocked.

How do I get a 6 digit verification code? ›

You need to install the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone or tablet devices. It generates a six-digit number, which changes every 30 seconds. With the app, you don't have to wait a few seconds to receive a text message.

Why is my verification code not sending to my email? ›

Check your spam/trash folder. Try resending the code. Clear your browser's cache/cookies, then try to register an account again. If you have a VPN service running, turn it off as it may cause latency issues or delay of the verification code.

Can you permanently delete MyChart messages? ›

If you refresh or leave the page after deleting the message you will still have the option to restore it. However, if you logout of your account you will no longer be able to restore the messages – the messages are permanently deleted.

What does a red exclamation mark mean on MyChart? ›

You will see an exclamation point (!) next to the result if it's outside of the normal range, but that isn't necessarily a cause for concern. Your care team will review your results and discuss any follow up needed.

How do I delete results in MyChart? ›

Select the check boxes next to the results you want to remove from MyChart 4. Click Unrelease All 5. Click Accept. Follow up with the patient about the result by phone.

How do I connect my MyChart to my iPhone? ›

To sync your MyChart app with Apple Health, log into MyChart on your Apple device and open the Track My Health feature. Tap the Manage Connections button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Connect to “Health” button, select which categories you want to allow MyChart to update and read and then tap the Allow button.

How do I connect my health app to MyChart? ›

1) Log in to your MyChart account through the MyChart app on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and click on the “Track My Health” icon. 2) After the apps/devices are linked, your MyChart will automatically sync the information according to data types selected to be tracked in the Health app.

How do I access my MyChart on iPhone? ›

To sign up for an account, download the app and search for your healthcare organisation or go to your healthcare organisation's MyChart website. After you've signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode to quickly log in without needing to use your MyChart username and password each time.

How do I find my MyChart username? ›

Recover Your MyChart Username

If the information you submitted matched a MyChart account in our records, your username has been sent to the email address on file.

How do I contact mainline health billing? ›

Main Line Health patient billing customer service

Main Line Health is committed to providing a superior patient experience. Please let us know if we can answer any questions, by calling 833.485. 7148.

Is HCA the same as HealthONE? ›

HCA Healthcare's Continental Division, which includes HealthONE, was named the top health system in Colorado and one of the 5 Top Large Health Systems in the country by IBM Watson Health in 2021.

Does Main Line Health have an app? ›

Main Line Health MyChart is an internet application that allows a patient to have web-based access to portions of their Main Line Health (MLH) electronic medical record. Main Line Health MyChart also allows a convenient communication channel with MLH for non-urgent messages.

Who qualifies for charity care in PA? ›

Charity care means free care. Patients can receive charity care if they have a family income below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

How do I talk to a provider? ›

Before your appointment
  1. Make a list. ...
  2. Bring your medications, vitamins, and other remedies. ...
  3. Bring pen and paper. ...
  4. Consider asking a buddy along. ...
  5. Call ahead to request a translator if needed. ...
  6. Answer questions honestly. ...
  7. Ask questions and repeat back. ...
  8. Mention any cultural or religious traditions.

How do I contact manage my health? ›

If you have any queries, please email your relevant details eg.

Where is mainline based? ›

The history of Mainline Menswear dates back to 2002, when a small shop was opened in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The business started growing immediately, and the website was launched in 2004.

What is the difference between a nurse and a HCA? ›

They receive training similar to that of practical nurses, but with an emphasis on support and administration. Health care assistants have less to do with specimen sampling, wound care, and vital signs monitoring – things that nurses find themselves involved with.

Is a HCA a nurse? ›

Yes, of course they can! With training, qualifications and support from your employer, there is no reason why you can't progress from HCA to nurse. Beginning your career in healthcare as an HCA will give you a great opportunity for career development in many healthcare sectors. Nursing is quite simply just one of them.

Who is HCA biggest competitor? ›

The main competitors of HCA Healthcare include GSK (GSK), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), Becton, Dickinson and (BDX), Moderna (MRNA), Boston Scientific (BSX), Zoetis (ZTS), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN), Humana (HUM), Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), and McKesson (MCK).


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